This demo is done to show theme translation.

As Shopify doesn't fully support Multilanguage feature. There are two options to add it:

1) Create theme's "Multilanguage imitation" feature. Which needs to input in one field multiple values (one value per each language) with special delimiter for example "||". Text field example: "Home || Zuhause || Casa" It much bigger and complicated for fields with HTML code. The disadvantages: a) It's hard to edit content. You should format properly language delimiters
b) This method can't be applied for all pages. For example CHECKOUT page will stay untranslated.
Our Theme DOESN'T support this method.

2) Create new store.
To fully translate Shopify store you should create new store and translate it. This demo is based on new store and demonstrates how our theme can be translated to other language.
The advantages:
a) you can translate all the pages, including CHECKOUT page
b) use default Shopify translation feature. You are not depended on theme's "hacks".

3) Use 3rd party App.
For example - Langify.
We don't test any 3rd party App with our theme. And it may need some custom work to be compatible with 3rd party App.

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